How it works ?

It works like magic, Once you login into your account, You have to share your “frustration” choose the category from the “frustration tab” on the home page, rate the level of frustration you feel along with the reason, You can also upload a picture or document in support of your reason, Post it. Bingo! Now wait for the magic of kindness to happen. You can also sent a direct message to anyone and ask for help.
  1. Never forget to appreciate the one who shows the gesture of kindness.
  2. You can also help others by choosing a particular category of your interest, expertise or network at the home page, Go an extra mile and help others in any way possible for you, bring smile on their faces by a greatest act of your kindness.
  3. Yes! You don’t have to wait for a particular day to start the act of kindness, you also do not have to wait to be rich for being kind, kindness is a decision it’s free.
You can invisible your particular frustration (if you wish) from the people you do not want to see. “click” on the “Go invisible for” select the number of people and confirm. Every time you post a frustration,you will have to select the persons you want to make the frustration invisible.
When you choose to “Sell Public” it is visible to everyone unless you change your settings and any person can come forward and help you, sell public lets you reach more and more people who you never knew or thought could help you.
When you choose to “Sell Private” no one can see your frustration other than the SYF team, we work hard to help you and try to connect you to the right people would help you.
You can invite other people to help someone, any person you know personally or friends of your friend.
Click on the “Invite to help” tab, select the persons who already have an account on SYF and you follow them or by inviting a people you know could be of someone’s help but do not have an SYF account yet, encourage people to be part of this revolution.
You can save a particular frustration you see of someone’s that you can’t help at the moment by clicking at “Help Later” it will be saved in your profile at the leftmost side, you can check it later and help either by yourself or invite other you know who can help.
When you have been helped or you help someone you can share on the share button and share it on your profile page, this motivates and encourage others as well to be as kind as you.
You can appreciate or highly appreciate a person to show your gratitude when they help you, also when you see a person helping others you can appreciate them, your simple gesture will encourage them to help more and more people.
You can post your thoughts, activities or anything you feel like sharing, and also post a photo and document that interests you. Either you can choose to post something on the topic that you can see above the post box icon or click on the (x) to post anything of your own choice.
You can manage your profile from the Profile Setting option, you can choose the visibility of the information you want other to know, also you can adjust the visibility of the information you want to share.
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